Out of Darkness

Considering the Deakon DNA and how we can completely graft in the work of Out of Darkness to be a part of everything that we do. In the pic, it was our first meeting with founder and director of Out of Darkness, Jeff Shaw. Out of Darkness doesn't just provide a toll-free number for human trafficking victims and pass out roses to prostitutes. They have a program where for roughly $7,000 they can take a person through a three year process to get them fully acclimated into a new lifestyle. If you were to consider how much that would cost were it any other program it might blow your mind how small that number is. It does us and we are really proud and hopeful that we can put forth several strategies to raise this much (hopefully multiple times) each year. We'll post more as we are able to. If you'd like to know about them please visit their website and/or our About Us page