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Since 2011 we’ve been on this journey, and within the pages of this site you can learn all about our commitment to superior service and why that really does matter to us. You can learn about services we provide and deals and how to connect with us on social media and see our projects up close but one thing we hope you will be able to do is better connect with us as people. We’re a group of visionaries and we see business differently. When we talk about business we’re talking less about money as an end than as a means to provide for our families and our communities. So, for example, you can learn a lot about the causes we support like the fight against human trafficking and our support for the Hope Box which helps orphaned infants find all the support they need on our “about us” page and from the “project journal” page you can get a good look at how we handle specific projects as professionals. We’ve built these causes into our financial and cultural model because we want to go to work every day knowing that we will make a difference. When you choose Deakon you will meet some really friendly folks known as the Deakon team.


We’re always looking for people who are passionate about their work and/or their cause. There are so many ways to take what we do as individuals and multiply it by doing it together with other passionate people. Having learned the hard way that being too self-oriented is a good way to empty the bank we actively look for ways to partner with causes and with companies and individuals. Take a look at our site and get to know us before you contact us. When you like what you see we want to encourage you to take a minute, fill out the contact form, or contact us by one of our emails and tell us your story. It’s pretty famous how Disney was once only a dream Mr. Walt carried around in his head. Dreams have a way of becoming so real that one day we’re walking around in the bricks and mortar of them. That way is in the community that we surround ourselves with and in the people who begin to partner with and help to build a common vision. Most of our generation is looking for more than just a job and we know that we can accomplish our dreams here at Deakon but we also know that we can’t do that alone. Partner with us!



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