Started in 2011, Deakon home services was developed around the principle of bringing service back to the home improvement industry.
We have seen service and quality disappearing over the years in an effort to boost profit margins by using lower quality products and less skilled people. It is our goal at Deakon Home Services to build long-term relationships with both our clients and our employees and to offer 
the same consistent level of experience to both across all of our product offerings.  


It’s enough to be in business to support your family, make changes to an industry, provide jobs and so on. But what about the needs that face our city and state? Atlanta is said to have the most numerous Human Trafficking problem in America. The problems we face here feed the whole of our country. We live here and so this is not just a black eye on our state but we believe that it’s ours too. We pride our company on our ability to restore and redeem, to remodel and develop a home, well there are lives that need this kind of attention as well. We want to lead through service in our commitment to serve this problem. Collectively as a company we believe that we will see the end of this slavery in our lifetime. Until then we commit ourselves, our own personal time, and our own personal profits (we do not increase the cost of our products) to achieve this goal. This gives our customers the opportunity to make a better choice and choose a company that has devoted themselves to a better tomorrow for Georgia.

What does this look like?

We have committed to sharing 1% of all of our annual profits with local charities who are making an impact in the fight against human trafficking (this is our first year making this commitment and at present this number is projected to be in the range of $10,000 or more). In addition, each of our employees are given a minimum of one day off a month to contribute paid time off to working with associated nonprofits directly in the fight. We also share our marketing efforts to support their cause first as Deakon Home Services. This is money we already spend on marketing to reach our customers. It works for us because we are getting more for our money as well as helping to create awareness with a large portion of the marketing we produce. It helps with our marketing as well because it forces us to focus on building quality relationships rather than just drive-by antics. Further, in the future we hope to develop a program especially to help give apprenticeship opportunities to the young men who are coming out of these situations. We believe this will make a significant impact because while many organizations will be working to help the women involved the young men are not always the number one priority. For us, they will be, and we will do all we can for all we can.



meet our partners at the hope box

"Changing destinies and giving hope through creating families."

The Hope Box was born when founders Sarah Koeppen and Tiffany Turolla talked about the The Drop Box effort from a group in South Korea. 

- From the Hope Box website - 

The Hope Box was established to provide a safe, no questions asked, facility to woman who find themselves unable or unwilling to care for their newborn babies by giving them the opportunity to hand over their babies anonymously with comfort in knowing they will be placed into a loving family. After being cleared by the medical team the baby is placed into our nursery where our volunteers will care for the baby by feeding, holding, and nurturing its needs. 




Human Trafficking AWARENESS

It might sound crazy to some but we provide major discounts to people that show their interest to join us in this fight against human trafficking here in Atlanta. We can do it together. This workshop is provided once a quarter and goes over the basics, how to spot slavery, how to respond, as well as how to make a long term impact and more.

- From the Out of Darkness website -

“The FBI reports that the average age that a girl is first recruited into prostitution or sex trafficking in the U.S. is 11-14 years-old. Her life span at that point becomes 7 years, due to the risk of overdose, STDs, suicide, and homicide. The FBI has also indicated that Atlanta is among the worst cities in the country for sex trafficking. But there is hope! Atlanta is also regarded as one of the cities having the most coordinated response to trafficking.”

FOR MORE INFO VISIT www.outofdarkness.org