TODD PARKER Project Lead

Cell: 678-883-8310
Office: 404-919-0742


Todd's a project manager here at Deakon and he also runs the majority of the estimates, measuring and ordering that goes on before the project starts. There's a good chance Todd will be the first face you see. This is because Todd's understand of the intricate details of a job site are invaluable to Deakon. From specific products that meet the needs of a home or offices' personality to employee management and project flow from start to finish, Todd's our guy. Todd's primary background is in Drywall development for homes and businesses new and old. Time has trained Todd on construction from top to bottom. For nearly 2 decades Todd has worked on a job site and you'll know talking to him that he is confident about the details of what exactly Deakon can and cannot do to complete your project. We will exceed your expectations. 

- Our Model -

Servant Leadership + Long-term thinking and goal focus for ourselves and our customers = Powerful relationships with customers and each other.

The core of our business is still the installation of windows and doors but we have expanded our services to include planning and remodeling for the life of your home. A home will go through stages and we can be a resource all along the way but our goal is to be the resource that you want to call first.

Excellence is a mindset. A good one produces actions rather than words.