Project Lead

Mason Beyermann started with Deakon Home Services in 2013 and has been developing as a leader in his work and service at a rapid pace. As a project lead he has shown us that not only can we trust his workmanship but we can always rely on him to make the best possible impression for our company. Mason too is passionate about seeing the end of human slavery in his lifetime and feels really grateful to be a part of a company that isn’t just all about money. A company that understands that they have an opportunity to serve the communities they work in, in a deeper way. 

- Our Model -

Servant Leadership + Long-term thinking and goal focus for ourselves and our customers = Powerful relationships with customers and each other.

The core of our business is still the installation of windows and doors but we have expanded our services to include planning and remodeling for the life of your home. A home will go through stages and we can be a resource all along the way but our goal is to be the resource that you want to call first.

Excellence is a mindset. A good one produces actions rather than words.