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“Josh” signed on this year to help us develop a marketing approach that would include our fight against human trafficking. He has a unique background in both marketing for business while simultaneously working with causes like the fight against human trafficking. He has an MBA and ran his own business as a consultant for what he called “comparative advantages.” In this he pared the purposes of a local nonprofit directly with the generosity and giving of an organization to help build a company’s profitability while making the most significant community impact. Advantages that are comparative for everyone. He is passionate about service, triple bottom line management, positive psychology, and sustainability.

Josh believes that the human trafficking condition of Atlanta is a big deal and worth all our efforts to get the fight under control. He joins us believing that we will see the end of human trafficking in our lifetime. 

- Our Model -

Servant Leadership + Long-term thinking and goal focus for ourselves and our customers = Powerful relationships with customers and each other.

The core of our business is still the installation of windows and doors but we have expanded our services to include planning and remodeling for the life of your home. A home will go through stages and we can be a resource all along the way but our goal is to be the resource that you want to call first.

Excellence is a mindset. A good one produces actions rather than words.