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Danny Goldman is our lead carpenter here at Deakon. He has been a carpenter all of his life. Danny is a wonderful personality and a dedicated craftsman. You will appreciate his commitment to quality service as well as his terrifically honed skills and abilities. You will benefit from a lifetime of experience.  

Danny joins Deakon in our desire to see the end of human slavery in Georgia. Danny’s dream is also to build homes for the homeless and help them develop skills that will give them opportunities to live a different kind of life. His dream was inspired in part by Utah’s recent brilliant approach to simply housing the homeless; the state realized how much they were spending on medical cost, jail and other expenses for their homeless population and decided that it would be much cheaper to simply house them. Danny believes that we can do that much or more here in Georgia and we want to help Danny achieve this goal too. 

- Our Model -

Servant Leadership + Long-term thinking and goal focus for ourselves and our customers = Powerful relationships with customers and each other.

The core of our business is still the installation of windows and doors but we have expanded our services to include planning and remodeling for the life of your home. A home will go through stages and we can be a resource all along the way but our goal is to be the resource that you want to call first.

Excellence is a mindset. A good one produces actions rather than words.