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Chris founded Deakon Home Services in 2011, serving the Greater Atlanta area. In his years of working for other contractors and companies in the window install and carpentry business he realized the industry was suffering from a widespread deficit in service quality. Work colleagues would show disrespect toward each other, the customer and their own craftsmanship on nearly every job. And this went unchallenged as “just the way we do things.” In reality, this business is notorious for short lived customer relations. Most of the installs that you do will literally last for a lifetime, so the chances of seeing a customer again are slim and in most occasions unnecessary. This has resulted in shrinking margins as “professionals” offer poorer quality installs to save on time cost; in turn the competition of these smaller margins tries to force the entire industry into offering installations in like manner. The deficit then, was not due to the poor character of individuals as much as the structure of the business itself and what ails it. The poor character a symptom of a deeper ill to the industry as a whole.

Inspired by this challenge Chris as well as other servicemen began thinking about and planning out a better business model. This could be changed! Service can be the highest value as well as a leader in the industry. The market will respond to better quality service as well as long-term thinking.

- Our Model -

Servant Leadership + Long-term thinking and goal focus for ourselves and our customers = Powerful relationships with customers and each other.

The core of our business is still the installation of windows and doors but we have expanded our services to include planning and remodeling for the life of your home. A home will go through stages and we can be a resource all along the way but our goal is to be the resource that you want to call first.

Excellence is a mindset. A good one produces actions rather than words.